The Facts About Our Product

Our Moso Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is among the most eco-friendly, sustainable and rapidly renewable natural resources currently available on the market but all bamboo is not created equal. There are over 1200 different types of bamboo and a lot of the different species of bamboo live in an area about the size of Texas just south of Shanghai called the Bamboo Sea. Of the 600or so species harvested in this area, Bamboo Flooring Hawaii sources only Moso bamboo for use in making our flooring. Moso bamboo is recognized as the highest quality and hardest bamboo for the production of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a member of the grass family and thrives in well-managed forests while regenerating naturally after harvest. This is where the managed bamboo shoots are selected for use for either food for the local community or allowed to grow to 5 year old mature poles that are used for many uses including furniture and our flooring. In the Provence that we harvest our bamboo, the local government doesn't allow the harvest of the young green and softer poles that are common with the discount bamboo flooring companies. We are proud of the fact that only the mature 5 year old hard poles are used in the manufacturing of our product. In our quest to constantly provide a premium quality product with consistent coloration, excellent milling, always using only the highest quality European UV urethanes along with only the best low VOC adhesives and bonding products. That's why our flooring is some of the highest quality flooring in the market. For more information go to Our product vs There Product.

Our bamboo is always FSC certified and therefore leaves a very small carbon footprint.

Bamboo is recognized as a rapidly renewable resource by the USGBC. Ultra-low VOC adhesives and resins reduce formaldehyde emissions to a very strict CARB (Calif Air Resource Board) level.

Exceed European E1 Standard emissions and indoor air quality.
All Bamboo qualifies for LEED Material and Resources MR6 credit.
Solid Strand qualified for LEED Low Emitting and Flooring Systems (IEQ4.4)

Our Napacork Cork Flooring

Cork is another green product we carry that is starting to take hold in the "green" flooring market. Cork is also sustainable because it is composed of the bark from a Cork trees. A member of the oak family, the cork trees regenerate the bark in just 7 years. The is sliced off the tree without harming it's growth then regrown for another harvest. The bark has a natural insecticide called suberin. It helps keep your floor bug-free without any harmful effects to humans or animals. Where cork really is the most useful, is in areas of the home where you’re on your feet a lot or in wetter areas of your home like the bathroom or kitchen. It is soft under foot and much more water-resistant than wood or even bamboo flooring. Cork is a strong, durable substance that has an amazing ability to retain it's properties in almost every area in the home. Combine that with our interlocking system for easy installation and you have a great option for almost any home. For more structural information on this incredible green flooring option click on the link below or simply give us a call for samples. I think you'll be glad you did.

Hawaiian Style Luxury Vinyl Tile -WPC

Vinyl layered over a WPC core to create an enhanced vinyl floor with visual characteristic of real wood, which is waterproof, rigid and dimensionally stable. This floor has an added cork under layer for additional sound reduction.

You have my word and rest assured that if our flooring is the product you desire, we will be receving the highest quality product on the market. Combine that with our excellent customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mark D. Elwell